Asphalt shingles are a classic choice for Rolla homes and businesses. They last a reasonably long time, and they look great. Keep reading for tips on how to clean your asphalt shingles.

1. Select your cleaner. If you have a steep roof, look for a cleaning solution that will stick to the surface instead of immediately running down it. You can also make your own mixture of half chlorine bleach and water. Make sure you wear goggles when making it and pour the bleach into the water instead of the other way around. This reduces the chance of hazardous splashing.

2. Prepare your pressure washer or spray can. The idea is to stay in one place and spray the cleaning solution over the roof. This is called “working from the ladder.”

3. Protect the surrounding landscape. Even though store-bought cleaners should be environmentally friendly, you’ll still want to water any nearby plants to dilute runoff. A general rule of thumb is that plants with thinner leaves require a bit more water.

4. Set your ladder. Make sure it’s set on a hard, stable surface, and be careful not to lean it against a gutter.

5. Apply the solution with your pressure washer set to the lowest possible setting. Spray from top to bottom, using only one layer. Resist the urge to put extra cleaner on dirty spots. Let the cleaner sit for about 30 minutes. If there are still stains at this point, apply one more dose of cleaner to these spots, but no more.

6. At this point, the cleaning process should be complete. You may notice white clumps where the cleaner is working on organic growth. Rinse it all away with clean water. Remember, try to remain in one spot on the ladder. Cleaning any roof can be a hazardous business.

If you’d rather have pros clean your asphalt shingles so you can avoid the need for any equipment and still get a spectacularly clean roof, call the Grime Fighters today!

Find Out Why People Love Us For Asphalt Shingle Cleaning And Other Services

At Grime Fighters, we specialize in pressure washing and other services for your home or business. Besides roof cleaning, we offer many other services for keeping your place looking its best, including:

  • Concrete Cleaning: If you’ve got stubborn stains on your sidewalk or other concrete surfaces, tell them goodbye with our concrete cleaning. We also clean stamped concrete and rock-salt finish pool decks.
  • Commercial Pressure Washing: Storefronts, outdoor dining areas, and other parts of your business will look great when we’re done. We can clean buildings up to five stories high!
  • Deck Cleaning: Your next outdoor event will go off wonderfully after our expert cleaning—we clean vinyl, wood, and composite lumber decks.

Plus, much more! Do you need your stucco or vinyl siding cleaned? Our house washing is the perfect way to clean your siding and get it gleaming. We also clean brick, fiber-cement siding, and other kinds.

As a veteran-owned and operated business, Grime Fighters knows the value of hard work and dedication. We take pride in helping Rolla and the surrounding community look and feel its best. Call us today to clean your asphalt shingles and take advantage of our many other services as well. We can’t wait to hear from you!