Fiber-cement siding is a great choice of residential siding. Hardie boards are an example of a popular brand. Fiber-cement siding is durable, versatile, and comes in a wide range of styles. They’re also resistant to insects and mildew. Cleaning them twice a year will ensure they look amazing. Keep reading to learn how to clean different types of stains off the fiber-cement siding.

1. Dirt and dust: Use a soft cloth or a soft brush, since a stiff-bristled brush can damage the surface. You also don’t need to use any cleaning solutions. Brush away dirt and then rinse the area with a garden hose. Repeat if necessary. If you’re using a cloth, wet it with plain water and wipe the dirt away. Work from top to bottom and do six-feet sections at a time.

2. Mold, mildew, and algae: Make sure you use a cleaner made just for the task, such as Mildew Check. Follow the instructions. When cleaning, use a sponge to scrub the dirty area and a soft cloth to wipe it. Afterward, use a garden hose to rinse it away.

3. Oil or grease: Use a soft cloth and a mix of dish soap and water. It’s very important never to use harsh cleaners on fiber-cement siding. Brush or wipe the affected area to clean it, then rinse it with a garden hose.

The downside to all these methods is that they’re time-consuming and require a lot of physical labor. Experts say DIY pressure washing isn’t a great option since it’s so easy to damage the surface with too much pressure or incorrect technique. If you do decide to try pressure washing, use a wide-fan tip about six inches from the wall. Make sure the pressure setting is less than 1,500 pounds per square inch (PSI).

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  • Driveway Cleaning: Arrive in style on clean concrete, asphalt, or exposed aggregate driveway. Driveway cleaning eliminates oil spots, tree decay, and more.
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  • Roof Cleaning: We soft wash asphalt shingles to get rid of mildew and streaks. We also clean cedar shake roofs and more.

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